27 things before I turn 27

On the tail cusp of my 26th birthday, and in the spirit of no longer being on my parents’ health insurance effective TODAY, I am starting a list of 27 things I want to do before my 27th birthday. Many of these were compiled sporadically and spontaneously, and I will probably come up with MUCH cooler things eventually; today they are my list. Not too shabby!

  1. Swim in the Adriatic
  2. Swim in the Mediterranean
  3. Pick a tomato from the roadside
  4. Crush grapes with my feet
  5. Crush tomatoes with my feet
  6. Drink Turkish coffee
  7. Drink Moroccan tea
  8. Skinny dip in one of the two above seas
  9. Ski in the Dolomites
  10. Ski in the Alps
  11. See an Italian soccer match
  12. See a German soccer match
  13. See a Spanish soccer match?
  14. Hike Mt. Etna? Can you do that?
  15. Lay on the beach in Monaco
  16. Learn the winemaking process
  17. Learn the Olive Oil making process
  18. Stay in another Castle (Monastery is fine)
  19. Go to San Fermin Festival
  20. Celebrate Oktoberfest in Germany
  21. Celebrate Carnival in Venice
  22. Catch my own food in the ocean. Perhaps snorkeling?
  23. Boat in Lake Como/Garda
  24. Visit that new country made out of a piece of land that neither Croatia or Serbia wanted (Shane knows)
  25. Drink a Guinness in Ireland
  26. Visit the Giant’s Causeway
  27. Make a lifetime friend abroad (or two!)

Any suggestions?! 😀


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