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I’m feeling bad about the Neanderthals. But for $30 million, I can buy one.

Seriously. Since we mapped the Neanderthal genome, for $30 million I can now find a surrogate mother (Claudia Azula Altucher?) and a professor at MIT can, I don’t know, inject a Neanderthal into her womb.

Or something like that. Something science. Here’s some science: school taught me that neanderthals were a different species.

But you can’t have kids with a different species. That’s the RULES that define “species”!

But now it turns out we all have somewhere between 1 and 5% Neanderthal in us. Which means kids happened.

Which means a Neanderthal woman kissed a human man. Maybe, at least once, a Neanderthal said to a human, “I love you.”

Which means maybe violence happened. And a baby was born. And then something bad happened.

All of this is to say:…

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