The Miracle Morning

Have you heard of this book by Hal Elrod? My father has the habit (sometimes an annoying one at first though, but one that always turns out to be helpful) of gifting self-help books freely. I personally own 20 or so of them, and one that he gifted me last visit home happened to be The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.

Of the high number of books he has gifted over the years, I rarely take advantage of them. One book that he gifted me during my high school years, Atlas Shrugged,  I finally read my first semester of college, and it changed my life. Since that point, I have failed to read one of his books all the way through, despite beginning most of them.

Recently, my cousin Evan has started a personal journey of how he can change his life in 1,000 days. He started day 1 of this journey this past year and gave himself 1,000 days – with a plan – to completely turn his life upside down. The journey is chronicled on and in 100 days he has already quit his monotonous job in a town where he lives alone to getting accepted to beer-brewing school in Chicago (where his passion lies) and hopped on a plane for a month long journey in Southeast Asia. Keep in mind that he has always been straight-laced and had dreams of a 9-5 job, a wife, a house in the ‘burbs, and 2.5 kids. I am excited to see where he goes with this and the success that he will implement in his life by doing something completely out of his comfort zone.

With that being said, Evan has really inspired me to take a look at my life and see how I can create success and happiness in my own life. Now, my life is pretty alright. I enjoy it, and I am mostly happy, but I would not say that I thrive in it. I live in Vail – the most epic ski town in the country, ski on the weekends and enjoy everything Colorado has to offer, see free big-name concerts frequently, and earn enough money in my monotonous 40 hour a week job to live without worry and save a couple thousand dollars a year.

NOT including my $28,000 student loan debt.

Four months from now, my boyfriend and I are uprooting ourselves from this transient ski-town and “moving” to Italy (and surrounding areas) for 1year+ of long-term travel mainly using the wonderful site All of this being said, I have recounted to myself again and again that I just have to get through the next 4 months and then everything will be fine and we will be traveling. Time is going by faster and faster, though, and I’m thinking that mediocrity in my day-to-day activities, just waiting for 4 months to be up, is not a life to live.

Inspired by Evan and my own need for daily fulfillment, I began to read the infamous book that was gifted to me, by my dad, The Miracle Morning. It is “guaranteed to transform your life before 8am,” and although I already wake up far too early as it is and press snooze 3 times before actually rising, what could it hurt to try?

My goals to improve myself are to be:

  • Kinder
  • More productive
  • Love ME
  • Have more energy/motivation
  • More awake in the mornings
  • The person I ENJOY being

The principles of the book are to wake up one hour earlier than you normally do (WHAT? No, that can’t be right.. but it is.) and implement 10 minutes each of: Meditation, Journaling, Visualization, Affirmations, Reading, and Exercising. This sounds scary, right? But what can you lose from trying this other than one hour of sleep a night.

There are a couple of BIG reasons why I have not tried a routine like this to improve myself recently, and it all stems down to fear. I am afraid of negatively impacting my relationship with my significant other by transforming myself. I am afraid that positively changing myself will make me look at others, who are not improving them selves the same way I am, in a negative light. This will probably include my significant other. I am afraid of failure: what if I don’t finish this quest and then have guilt for as long as I can remember it? Honestly, I wonder if I don’t believe in myself enough to finish.

This brings me to something my though-doctor Einat always reminded me to ask myself, yet I have not been implementing this until kind-of the last week-ish. Are all of these fears valid?

Fear 1: Hurting my relationships. Is this valid? No. I can only positively change myself, it will not affect other people or the 5 minutes I spend cuddling while snooze is going off. I can only get kinder and more gracious.

Fear 2: What if I don’t finish. Is this valid? No. There is no way I can succeed if I don’t even start. If I don’t finish, maybe I will have picked up a few skills and that will be that. I do hope I can do this, but how will I know unless I try? I guess there is no excuse for not starting.

Life purpose version 1: To be in a constant state of wonder by the world and contribute to its wonderfulness and grandeur. To become the best version of myself.

Tomorrow I will begin my journey, and my first miracle morning. It won’t be quite as early as usual since it is a Saturday and Valentine’s day, but I will begin tomorrow at 8am.

Wish me luck!


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