Adventures in the High Mountains

A photographic list of everything I have been up to the past 3 weeks


Shane and I moved to Edwards, a town outside of Vail. Conveniently, there is an adorable and authentic French bakery cafe just a short walk down the river! A young French woman usually is at the front of the counter with her lovely accent, adeptly pulling espresso. Shane has a sweet tooth and would eat pastries for breakfast every morning if I let him. He also loves the news. Here I think we are in heaven.



Immediately after we moved in, we went camping. With 500 of our closest friends. The rains came down that weekend and we were camped along the river. Conveniently, this meant that we were flooded out of our tent at 12AM Sunday evening. Being too cold and tired to wait out the rest of the night in our damp tent, we hightailed it the 40 minute drive home.



This is my second job! I garden and landscape at a beautiful house in the mountains of Avon. You can see the ski resort of Beaver Creek just across the valley, wonderfully clear on a Summer day.




And momos..


Delicious, delicious homemade nepalese momos. Shane, who lived for a year in his teens in India and took trips to the region, said they taste deliciously authentic. >.< Success!



My garden has been growing. Shane built me a trellis a week ago 🙂 Thankfully he will do most things that I ask of him. Here you can see my radishes, lettuce, spinach, and peas 😀 They are even bigger now! I will show them to you soon.



Just a look at the radishes…



Well, I HAD to thin them! Here we are, radish sprouts, getting all oiled up and roasty. I attempted to turn them into sort of a romesco.. FAIL.




At the end of June we went camping with some good friends. In the Great Sand Dunes of Colorado. Who knew? The sand was scorching our feet, and Shane and I did not prepare well with our tevas. I actually had to put on an extra pair of socks so that my feet would not burn. I do not know how he did it.. Shane does not feel pain :-\



Here is a great view where you can see Olivia, Shannon and I on the top of one of the highest dunes on the front set with the back dune landscape behind us. This area used to be a sea and the sand, by different wind patterns, was blown to the foothills of this particular set of mountains in the Rockies.



Happy Fourth!

What has everyone else been up to?






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