Napoleon and A Kimchi Pancake

Not that kind of Napoleon. The pastry kind πŸ™‚

Started my morning with an awesome kimchi pancake. I have been on this kimchi kick lately and on my studies have come across multiple kimchi pancake recipes. It sounded delicious, so I grabbed my kimchi and ran with it.


I was shocked by the amount of flavor in this pancake. If anyone knows me, it is that I make things up as I go. They are also really quick recipes usually because i have NO PATIENCE! This turned out awesome and I kind of want to make it every morning I have off now.. Not that it is difficult to make. at all. The garlic flavor and amount of salt from my homemade kimchi was amazing and it needs absolutely nothing else.

1/2 cup kimchi

1 egg

1/4 cup milk

1/2 cup flour

1 tbsp oil

1. Head oil in a nonstick pan over medium heat. Honestly, I used a small pan so the pancake came to the sides and was kind of thick.

2. break the egg into a medium bowl. whisk with fork or whisk to break the egg up. pour in flour and stir a bit. add the milk and whisk til there are no big chunks of flour in the batter. throw in the kimchi, no need to chop up. If the batter is a little thick, add water by the tablespoon until the consistency of normal pancake batter.

3. pour batter into pan. sprinkle a pinch of salt onto kimchi. If your kimchi is really salty, do not use extra salt. it has all the flavor it needs! Let cook 5 minutes or so on each side until slightly browned. When the top is almost set on the first side, flip the pancake over.


Went to french coffee shop down the street to get cappuccino and fruit.. and maybe a napoleon πŸ™‚

Sat down to do microeconomics and get work done. Internet not working..

Buy napoleon, pack up, and go home.


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