Thrift Shop (Not the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis kind)

I really hope there is a person out there who will either:

1) Let me pay them to go through all of my crap that I moved from one rental to the other, or even better…

2) Do the same thing as above, but fo free.

In the midst of moving all of this junk that I have accumulated year after year (which I didn’t even think I was that spendy…), I realized that there is a whole bunch of crap that I REALLY do not need and/or junk that is torn to shreds from years of use and disuse both. Just wasting away from closet to storage unit until they are no longer even coming out of the packing box.

I have been told by a few people that the right thing to do is not throw it in the trash (honestly, all I can think about is all of my junk piled on top of other peoples’ junk in a huge toxic dump, and then I think about that teenager that discovered the plastic-eating bacteria, and then I think about the consequences of that bacteria, like, will it give off methane or carbon dioxide or something ridiculously more destructive? We are in an endless cycle of despair..), which I completely agree with, which also makes me want to hold onto my precious semi-useful waste until it literally has zero value. What these people recommend doing is donating my semi-useful but space-sucking items to a thrift shop.


..You might say. But then am I just relocating my waste to a place where there is less waste? Like all of the underfed and less privileged children in Africa and Bosnia (HUGE, DEVASTATING floods there recently.. NPR). I can really see them using some of my stuff for a time. Is this a ploy to make us feel better about not creating waste in our own country but to a place where there could be more waste and no one would condemn you for it? Because, like, you’re helping someone else for a little while.


How do we stop accumulating more and more pollution? Probably reducing consumption. Personally, many of my most often-used foods come in non-reusable packaging. Whatever. That is a topic for another day.




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